NC State Workout and Game

This past Wednesday, June 22nd, I had a workout and game at North Carolina State University with my travel team Purpose Driven Baseball. We won our game and I had a walk in my one at-bat. I was able to work with Jason Roach and Inside Recruit during the workout.

Did well: 

  • Fielding: I made a nice running play in the outfield and my throws were hard and accurate.
  • Approach: In my one at-bat I was ready for strikes and took balls

In my post before this one, I talked about my first two summer games. Those two summer games happened before and after this NC State workout. I thought I did well in the State game, but I definitely need to improve from my summer games.

Need to improve (summer games):

  • Mental approach: I cannot take strikes anymore. I can’t get my self in a hole right away without giving myself a chance. By taking strikes, I increase my chances of striking out. I struck out three times because I took way too many strikes.
  • Short swing: On the pitches I did swing at, I was under the ball. I need to be more short and quick to the ball to create a more level swing. Below is an example.

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