Mr. Berger and Mr. Plant

I am interested in analytics for a career, and out of that interest I’ve had some really neat opportunities come up.

Through my dad, I was able to talk to Mr. Jon Berger, the Senior Directornew_york_giants of Football Information for the New York Giants. We talked about what this kind of job requires, what he does on a daily basis, and what I would need to do to be prepared for a job similar to this. I am very thankful to Mr. Berger for taking time out of his day to talk to me.

Also, through one of my friends at school, I was able to talk to Mr. Michael Plant, the VP of Product Mgmt- Enterprise Communications & Learning at Fidelity. I spoke to him about my interest in analytics, and he offered for me to be an intern at Fidelity to learn more about analytics. I am really excited to be offered this opportunity as a sophomore in high school.

fidelity-logoI am very thankful to both of these men for taking an interest in me.

These experiences have been really awesome, and they have taught me a lot of things. I am beginning to understand how the business world works and how you should interact with other people. This has also taught me how to be responsible and confident in the way that I do things.

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