Belmont Abbey and Wingate Aug. 13-14, 2016

This past weekend I played at Belmont Abbey College and Wingate University with my travel team, Purpose Driven Baseball. We went 2-0 on the weekend. We played the same team for both games, and it wasn’t pretty. We won the first game 25-0 and the second one 11-0. It’s fun to win, but sometimes those kind of games aren’t the best. I went 3 for 4 with 2 walks. Ironically, we got none of my hits on video. Baseball is a game of superstitions, so I might be saying goodbye to videos for a while.

Did Well: 

  • Mental Approach: I focused on a few things at the plate, but kept it simple.
  • Fielding: I had no errors in the field and I had good throws to my cut off men.
  • Getting on Base: I know how important getting on base is in today’s game, and I was very happy with getting on base 5 out of 6 plate appearances.

Need to Improve:

  • Recognizing Off-Speed Pitches: I haven’t been thrown that many curveballs yet, but I need to start seeing the spin right away to recognize it quickly. The video below was on a curveball.  My timing and aggressiveness need some work in this at-bat.

This was my last baseball weekend of the summer. My goal for this offseason is to gain 12 pounds of muscle before the start of high school baseball, which would put me at 133 pounds.

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