UNC Asheville 7/23/16

This past weekend I played at UNC Asheville.  I went 0-4 with 2 walks in 2 games, and we went 1-1 as a team. There was supposed to be a camp with the UNC Asheville staff, but it got rained out.

Did Well:

  • Fielding: I had no errors in the outfield and made a couple of catches on the run.
  • Attitude: There is always room for improvement, but I felt like I kept a positive attitude despite things not going my way at the plate. I am beginning to realize just how important attitude is in the game of baseball.

Need to Improve:

  • Bunting for a hit: I attempted to bunt for a hit, but it was a high and outside pitch and I fouled it straight back. I either need to take that pitch down the first base line, or be looking for a pitch that I could put down the third base line more easily.
  • Hands inside the ball: I am being short to the ball, but away from my body. I need to focus on keeping my hands even more inside the ball to get more consistent solid contact.
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