Summer Game June 29th, 2016

I had my fourth summer high school baseball game today. I went 0-3 but made good, solid contact on two of the at-bats and hit a ball on the ground to third my other at-bat. A ground ball to third isn’t the best thing but it’s better than a pop-up. Heck, almost anything is better than a pop-up.

I was really happy with this game because I worked hard to improve the things I was struggling with and got good results.

Did Well:

  • Consistent Mental Approach: I had the same approach each at-bat which allowed me to be consistent. I was focused on attacking strikes and I hit the ball well as a result.
  • Line Drives, Ground Balls: I hit  the ball on a line or on the ground, which is where I need to hit it to get on base or have a productive at-bat.
  • Deep Fly Ball: I had almost the same kind of fly ball hit to me in this game that was hit to me in the last game on the 27th. I was able to be more smooth and see the ball all the way in and make a nice catch on the run.

Need to Improve On:

  • Letting the Ball Travel: All of my hits were to the pull side. I need to see the ball deeper and hit the ball middle/away. Now, some inside pitches need to be pulled but on the pitches on the middle to outer part of the plate I need to let them travel and drive them. I still hit the ball hard tonight, but ideally I hit the ball middle/away with those kinds of pitches.

My next HS summer game will be tomorrow.

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