Summer Game June 27th, 2016

I had my third summer game for high school ball on Monday, June 27th. I went 1-3 on the game, with my one hit being a line drive to right field. I did some things well and there were some things I would like to improve on.

Did Well:

  • Using Right Field: On my hit I let the ball get deep instead of being out in front.
  • Mental Approach: In one of my previous articles, I talked about mental strength. I focused more on attacking strikes and being aggressive.

Need to Improve On: 

  • Throwing Form: I had a chance to double a guy off on a catch in the outfield, and my throw veered off to the left causing there to be no double play. I need to turn my shoulder in so I don’t have a whip-like motion in my throws. That will cause me to use my whole body and get more velocity on my throws and be more accurate.
  • Long Fly Ball: I was going back on a long fly ball and I had a chance to catch it. I didn’t have time to settle under it, but my head was going up and down causing me to not see the ball that well and not catch it.  I need to stay smooth so I can keep my vision focused on the ball and catch it.
  • Staying Consistent With My Mental Approach: I had a good approach the first at-bat but my approach wasn’t as strong the next two at-bats causing me to pop-up and ground out to third. I need to keep the same mental state the whole game.

My next game will be on the 29th and I’m looking forward to improving on these things and building on what I did well.

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