Last Two HS Summer Games 2016

This past week I had my last two high school summer games of the year. I went 2-4 with a single, double and sac bunt. We went 1-1 on the week.

Did Well:

  • Bunting: I was very happy that I was able to lay down a sacrifice bunt on the first pitch in one of my at-bats. I put it in between the pitcher’s mound and the 3rd base line.
  • Seeing and Hitting: I was really seeing the ball well. I had a plan and I was ready to hit. I was loading earlier and slower which let me see the ball better.

Need to Improve: 

  • Sit Back and Drive: While I did do well hitting in these two games, I would like to be and be a little less on out in front on the ball and really see it as long as possible, while having a more aggressive swing.

I am now done with summer ball for high school, and my next baseball weekend will be at UNC Asheville.

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