Holly Springs July 9-10 2016

This past weekend I played at the Holly Springs Salamanders Stadium with my travel team Purpose Driven Baseball. We went 2-0-1 on the weekend. We tied in one game due to time constraints. I went 0-5 on the weekend, but I felt like I had some quality at-bats that I will be able to build on for my next games.

Did Well:

  • Fielding: Though I didn’t have much hit to me the whole weekend, I was able to execute on the balls that were hit to me. Also, I made a nice running/jumping grab to save a run in the game that we tied.
  • Ground Balls and Walk: I was able to hit two hard ground balls this weekend along with one walk. My game right now needs to be hard ground balls and line drives.

Need to Improve On:

  • Foot Placement: In some of my swings this weekend my front foot was lifted up a little instead of  being planted on the ground. I need to keep that foot on the ground to prevent myself from losing power and/or spinning off of pitches.
  • Approach: I need to work on seeing the ball better and being more intentional with my actions at the plate. I need to have a last game approach so I can give all my effort and focus into that game.

This upcoming week I have two more HS summer games.

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