Week of 3/26 in School Ball

As a team, we went 1-1 this past week. Although I didn’t do incredibly well in our two games, I was very happy with the adjustments I made and I’m feeling confident heading into this last half of the season. We only have 1 conference game this week, and then this weekend we will be having a tournament with teams from outside of our conference.

Did Well:

Adjustments: Heading into this week, I had been in a pretty big slump. I hadn’t gotten a hit in 4 or 5 games. Then my dad and I noticed something mechanically in my swing that I needed to fix. The change has really helped, and I’ll discuss if further later on.

Fielding: I haven’t had an error yet this year, and I’m looking to keep it that way. My throws have been strong and accurate.

Need to Improve:

Load: I already fixed it in these last couple of games, but I’ll tell you what I needed to improve. During my slump, I was loading downwards, causing me to miss pitches, and when I made contact they would be pop-ups. ¬†Then with the help of my dad and Drew Denson, I was able to change my load so that I was not loading as much, and staying more upright in my swing. Like Drew has been telling me, I’m not the small kid anymore. I have muscle and I need to stop swinging like I’m the small kid.

Sprinting on and off field/Attitude:¬†These are small but very important things. I’ve noticed lately that I haven’t really had a short memory, and I’ve been jogging on and off the field. These are important because they set the tone for everything else that you do on the field.

Looking forward to next week! Here’s a video of one of my at-bats.

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